About The Fund

The W Fund is an early-stage venture fund that aims to invest approximately $20 million over the next four years in promising start-ups spinning out of the University of Washington and other research institutions across the state. The Fund leverages Washington’s research strength to drive the state’s innovation economy by spurring the creation of jobs and tax revenue, and attracting investment capital into Washington.

Access to earliest-stage capital is a gate to compelling opportunities. The W Fund will help the most promising research and student-generated start-ups realize those opportunities, gain traction more quickly, and reach venture-fundable milestones. The spin out of many more companies across Washington State will demonstrate the commitment of the region’s business leaders and investment community to support innovation and technological growth in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent News

VICIS aired on CNN.com

September 8, 2016

This company is turning football helmet design on its head. Seattle-based startup VICIS has designed a new helmet that can reduce the impact of blows to the head. Can it make football safer? ... [Watch the video] ...